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Congratulations on seeking an extraordinary opportunity to broaden your horizons and become a global citizen.

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We understand that our programs may not be suitable for everyone, which is why we encourage you to consider the following questions before making your decision.

Have you ever interacted with someone from a different culture, and your well-intentioned behaviour was misinterpreted?
Would you like to be recognised as a global citizen who can interact respectfully with people from any corner of the world?
Do you ever feel excluded because people don’t tell you what they’re really thinking, or don’t share their expectations with you?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you absolutely cannot miss out on joining a Project Global Citizen program.

We will show you what people from different cultures are really thinking.

Come find out what the secrets are.


Indonesian students during the Project Global Citizen Bootcamp "The UN Environmental Challenge"


To be a part of this initiative, request your teachers to register your school and convey your interest in joining the program.
  • Your school must be registered by a teacher, and their application must be accepted for you to participate.
  • Don't forget to remind your teacher that registration is free, but only for a limited time.

Forward the following link to your teachers where they can find more detailed information and complete the registration process:
Project Global Citizen 4-Week Challenge The Earthshot Prize


The UN Environmental Challenge

For Schools (Years 10-12) and Tertiary Students | Virtual or In-Person | Worldwide

Immerse in our challenge-based bootcamp inspired by The Ocean Cleanup project, where students enhance their intercultural communication skills for effective collaborative cross-cultural teamwork.


This 3-hour bootcamp features a team challenge for students from around the globe to learn and apply cultural competency skills for collaborating in cross-cultural teams.

To crack the challenge, participants need to respectfully reach consensus with their teammates, and harnesses a range of international perspectives.

This live-facilitated program is an immersive experience that will not only deepen students’ understanding of how their actions are perceived by people from different cultures but also fosters a sense of global citizenship and cultural self-awareness.

COST: Fully subsidised (virtual delivery) for 2023 - no cost for eligible schools in Victoria and Asia Pacific region. The last of our fully funded virtual bootcamps will be held after exam period in December 2023. See eligibility criteria in the FAQs section below. Contact us for enquiries about 2024.


Fully subsidised placements for schools into our 2023 Project Global Citizen programs are available now, thanks to the support of the Victorian Government.

Department of Education Victoria’s Globally Engaged Learners Program
Project Global Citizen


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